This semester, a new course is being offered at St. Pius X that will help students grow and succeed in the world of technology.

By: Cori Fricke, Advertising Editor



Tech and Design teachers Mrs. Hess and Mr. Ashby teach Junior Grace Ross new ideas for her design. Photo by: Sarah Abney

For the first time ever, St. Pius X High School is offering a class based on technology and design. Taught by Art teacher Mrs. Toni Hess and Computer teacher Mr. Todd Ashby, the class is built to encourage creativity and eagerness.


Tech and Design class uses both computers and sketchbooks for their creations.  They are currently working on inventing a logo that represents themselves. In the future, they will be working on more complicated designs and learning to pick apart advertisements more clearly.



Senior Lydia Masnado works hard on her graphic design. Students were given multiple projects where they had to use both art and technology to complete their work. Photo by: Sarah Abney

“I’m really excited about this class, I think we’ve got a great group of kids in it and a few that will hopefully stand out a little more as the class gets harder,” said Ashby, co-teacher.

By taking this class, students learn about agricultural, architectural, and graphic design.  They have recently worked on a program called Inkscape to integrate their own sketches into computer designs.  

“You can create anything you can imagine.  It’s what some graphic artists use. I can use this program to take an idea further from a sketch and make it into a realistic tangible product,” said Hank Phillips, Senior.  

Pius has plans to back kids who prefer to take Fine Arts.  Next year, when the Convent is officially open, students will be able to further their artistic and innovative ideas in an environment more suitable for their needs.  Some students are developing a sense of what they want to do in their future.

“It is good for kids who want to get into interior design. It teaches you the concepts of what it’s like to personalize your own space,” said Nicholas Ferrara, Senior.

The Tech and Design class is a great addition to St. Pius.  Both students and teachers have responded well to the course and have shown a large amount of interest towards it.  Both Mrs. Hess and Mr. Ashby are looking forward to continuing the class in the coming years.  


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