Giving back to the Kansas City community is what St. Pius X works so hard to instill in their students. A few students take part in Campus Ministry, which is a program designed to empower students to reach out and touch lives by their service.

By: Halle Nelson, Reporter


Sophomores Tatum Raulie and Katie Rainey praying with the homeless during Street Ministry. Photo by: Diane Pickert.

This year, at St. Pius X High School, several students, led by Mrs. Unger and Mrs. Gumina, have taken the initiative to make a difference in their community.

The new Campus Ministry team, which is open to any student during the second half of seminar, has already hosted a variety of activities including: baby showers, prayer meetings at the abortion clinic, feeding the homeless and various other community service events.

All involved students agree, that in giving of themselves they receive a much greater reward than those they serve.

Junior, Camin Wilcox, an active member of Campus Ministry, said, “In Campus Ministry, we just try to do different projects to help our community and try to make a difference in the lives of others.”  


Religion teacher, Mrs. Unger, at Street Ministry. Photo by: Diane Pickert.

Although this is the first year of Campus Ministry as an official school activity, in prior years, many students gathered to feed the homeless regularly, something that continues to occur in addition to the ministry’s monthly events.

Senior Tommy Ryan, who has been active in feeding the homeless for four consecutive years, said, “It [Street Ministry] helps me and others live a life to become a saint. It helps me come closer to God. Every time I’m with these homeless people I see the face of Jesus Christ in them.”  

All students are invited and encouraged to try out any Campus Ministry event and hopefully will take advantage of the opportunity.

Mrs. Unger, the founder of this activity, says, “I would definitely recommend any student to try out a Campus Ministry activity. There’s a sense of inspiration, spiritual growth, and self betterment.”


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