St. Pius Art students are very excited to showcase all of their artwork for everyone to see. 

By: Sarah Abney, Photographer

The Fine Arts festival, lead by Mrs. Toni Hess, will be presented on April 28th at St. Pius X. It will debut all the Fine Arts Department has to offer such as: choir performances, theater one-acts and a senior art showcase.

“I’ve always wanted to have a way to showcase art and music students and show off the hard work they have done all year,” said Hess.


Senior Joey DeFabio feeling “pretty artsy” for being featured at the new Fine Arts Festival. Photo by: Sarah Abney

Pius will invite elementary and middle schools from around the Diocese. By inviting the younger classes Hess hopes to shine light on the multiple talents from St. Pius X.

When asking Senior, Joey Defabio how he feels to have his art showcased he said, “I feel pretty artsy.” 

There will be arts and crafts for younger students to work on while attending the festival, and of course, free food. Senior art students will have their own showcase and give tribute to all the hard work they have done over their past high school career.

“I like it because it’s a way to show Pius is more than just sports. I also really enjoy singing and performing,” said Senior Lydia Masanado.


Art from Art III students outside on display in the halls of SPX. Photo by: Sarah Abney

Make sure to check out the event and see all the talented students at Pius. Hess hopes that the fine arts festival will become a new Pius tradition and wants to make this something not to forget.

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