Juniors Hanna Ly and Alec Tapia have joined the Northland Chamber of Catholic Youth Leadership Conference. Both of these students are two cheerful faces that walk the halls of SPX and will one day make a big impact on the world.

By: Erin Balint, Reporter

Leadership is one of the qualities that the learning environment of St. Pius X is designed to cultivate, so it comes as no surprise that two of St. Pius’ brightest students have recently joined the Northland Chamber of Catholic Youth Leadership Conference.

“[It is] A youth leadership program for high schoolers in the Northern part of Kansas City that is supposed to help us (the students) develop leadership qualities,” explains Junior Alec Tapia.


Junior Alec Tapia is proud to have the leadership title. Photo by: Sarah Abney

All of the Juniors in STUCO were encouraged to apply, and Hanna Ly and Alec Tapia were chosen to join. This program started in December and it will conclude in April, with sessions taking place the second Tuesday of every month. Each of these sessions takes a focus on different aspects associated with leadership such as: community work, team bonding, how to get along with people, government and civics, and the final session that acts as a graduation concludes with the lesson of etiquette.

“I think the best leaders lead by example through fairness and strong personal morality,” comments Senior Lexi Cox.

The most recent session was on February 2nd at Zona Rosa where Ly and Tapia focused on volunteer work.

“We specifically helped the KC Pet Project, and then there’s a place called Hillcrest, just opening in Zona Rosa. It’s a thrift store where an organization of homeless people can go and shop,” said Ly.  


Junior Hanna Ly accepts her leadership title gratefully. Photo by: Sarah Abney

“The advantages of being in the Northland Chamber of Catholic Youth Leadership Conference is being able to connect with other schools and really exposing yourself to other students and forming friendships that you know will be healthy for you in the future because these are students that teachers see a bright future in,” says Hanna Ly.

Many students at Pius aspire to become leaders in the community.

“I think it’s a great opportunity and I hope I have a chance to get involved in a similar program in the future,” says Cox.

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