Broadcasting, a class added to St. Pius X this year, contributed to the success of Casino Night. The team filmed a video that was featured at the event.

By: Erin Balint, Reporter



Senior Nicco Salazar is the new Videographer of the Broadcasting team at SPX, he is in love with what he does and fantastic at it too. Photo by: Meghan Hayden


Junior Frankie Licausi edits a video for the Broadcasting team so it will be ready for the morning announcements. Photo by: Meghan Hayden

The members of the broadcasting team recently constructed a video for Casino night, held on February 6th, that helped attribute to the great success in getting donations of about $24,000.

The video, made by seniors Nicco Salazar and Serena Stoetzer, featured students holding up signs showing the improvements that could be made around the school and was played for the 150 attendants at Casino Night.

“We got the inspiration from this video that was sent out by the office made by other people, and we were like ‘wow we should really do that,” Senior videographer Nicco Salazar explains.

The video was very well put together and highlighted the capabilities of St. Pius X’s broadcasting team. The money raised will go towards buying new wrestling mats, a volleyball net, pole and cart, and broadcasting equipment. Around 200 people were in attendance, and the full $23,000 needed to accomplish all these improvements was made.

“I liked it because it had a lot of students,” says senior Zach Salinas.

The video was also featured on the morning announcements which are put on by the broadcasting team, and many students reacted positively to it as well.



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