Instead of wearing pink, St. Pius X students wore blessed Ashes on Wednesday to kick off the Lent season. The traditional celebration was one that students enjoyed.


Sophomore Vito Bianco participates in Ash Wednesday. He is now able to show proudly that he is a Catholic. Photo by: Meghan Hayden

By: Halle Nelson, Reporter

Ash Wednesday is celebrated at the beginning of the Lenten season to prepare for the resurrection of Christ on Easter, 46 days after Ash Wednesday. On this Holy Day of Obligation, Catholics everywhere are reminded to “Repent, and believe in the Gospel,” as spoken by a priest or minister as they rub ashes on your forehead in the shape of a cross during Mass.

The dust on one’s forehead represents the dust from which God created Adam, and the dust to which all of us shall return, after death.

Fr. Mike of St. James, the priest that celebrated Ash Wednesday for St. Pius students, says there is another purpose for this occasion.


Freshman Lillian Kremer talks about how Ash Wednesday has affected her in her life and what her religion means to her. Photo by: Meghan Hayden

“The purpose of Ash Wednesday is to remind us all of God’s love for us. God’s love is always there, but sometimes we need to be reminded of it,” Fr. Mike said.

Furthermore, Fr. Mike explained that unlike the Eucharist, the spreading of ashes is open to anyone.

“Anyone can receive it: Protestants, Mormons, even babies,” Fr. Mike said.

During the Ash Wednesday celebration at St. Pius X High School, many students shared their understanding and interpretation of Ash Wednesday’s symbolism in their faith.

“Ash Wednesday is an opportunity during Lent in which we have a chance to have a rebirth and to be able to get a better and closer relationship with Christ through the Passion,” said Freshman Lily Kremer.

In addition junior, Nicolette Brogoto, shared her thoughts from a Protestant point of view, saying, “I did [receive the ashes] because I heard that in the Catholic Church it is acceptable if you believe in God to get the ashes, so I thought it would be a good idea.”

As the Easter season is a time for renewal and celebration for all, our student body is fortunate to have the opportunity to come together receiving God’s love no matter their own personal beliefs.

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