By: Katie Pileggi, Social Media Editor

On Friday, February 19th, the Freshman health class had a Wellness Fair for the 6th grade class at St. Patrick’s grade school. At 1:30 PM, students from both schools went to the student activity center for the wellness center presentation.

There were six different stations explaining wellness categories and topics. These six stations were: Germ Blast – explaining the chain of infection, Dinner Dash – explaining nutrition, Being Fit is Lit – explaining fitness, Musical Chairs – explaining how to cope with stress, Fast and Nutritious – explaining physical wellness, and Being Safe – explaining CPR.


The Freshman students worked hard to make each station as interactive as possible. Each category has an activity to go with it. Mrs. Petit, in the admissions office at SPX, helped the health class partner up with the 6th grade class of St. Patrick’s.

Petit said, “This year at St. Patrick’s, the 6th grade teacher has a course titled ‘Cranium Connections’”.

Some stations had games, some had quizzes to test them on how much they knew about their wellness, and some had demonstrations such as CPR.

“With this program, classes at St. Pius that are not offered at St. Patrick’s are taught to the children. This happens once per semester. I am very excited to see how this Wellness Fair will help the elementary children with their knowledge of their own physical, mental, and spiritual wellness for the future,” said Petit.

The point of this project is to give information on how to prevent themselves from getting germs and keep the children healthy and well.



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