In the future students may see a brand new sports complex. The new sport facilities are looking to host practices and home matches for many SPX teams.

By: Morgan Storm, Editor in Chief

Recently, St. Pius X announced a possible construction on a brand new sports facility and fields. The school has the opportunity to purchase 45 acres of land just down the street, at Divine Mercy Park, more commonly known to St. Pius students as the “Jesus Statue”.

The ultimate goal is to add tennis courts, a baseball field, a softball field, cross country trails, a running track, a soccer field, locker rooms, restrooms, a concession stand, parking lots, a maintenance building, lighting, grandstands, and multi-purpose practice fields, as well as renovating the football field or building a new one at the athletic campus.


All of this empty space will be put to great use in the years to come. St. Pius X has plans to start a capital campaign to put a new athletic facility here. Photo: Zachary Elling

The school will begin a capital campaign to raise the estimated $17 million it would take to create the athletic campus. With the new fields and courts, Pius would be able to offer a brand new home field or court very close to the school for nearly every sport. As of right now, the school only provides facilities for 6 of the 20 sports St. Pius offers.


Right now, St. Pius has both girl’s and boy’s tennis teams. However, they are currently practicing at Old Pike and aren’t able to host home matches.


“Having courts so close would be a lot more convenient and would allow us to host matches here at St. Pius,” said Coach James Thornburg.

From the Front Office: St. Pius X is currently conducting a Feasibility Study to determine community interest in and fundraising capacity for the project. The results of the Feasibility Study should be submitted to the school mid-February. After that, the school will determine the next steps, which may include a capital campaign for all or part of the project.




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