An exciting new addition to the SPX campus is the old convent. This building will create space for a completely renovated Performing Arts Center.

By: Cori Fricke, Advertising Editor


The entrance into the new, soon the be renovated, SPX Music Department. When the process is done this will look complelty different. Photo By: Zachary Elling

St. Pius X has recently acquired the old convent, across the parking lot, as an official part of the campus. This is very exciting for all students and teachers, as it will serve as a newly renovated area for the Fine Arts Department.


This includes art students, Sartons, the Pommies, the journalism team, and other organizations. The 1st and 3rd floor will be for our use. The broadcasting team has their own room, where they will be able to film their morning news with a new backdrop.


“I’m so excited for the new Fine Arts Building because then we can sing our hearts out as loud and proud as we want,” said Sophomore Gabrielle Fatino, who is a member of the Sartons SPX chorus.  


This room used to be the old dinning hall at the convent. After long hours of renovation this will become a space for St. Pius X to hold classes. Photo By: Zachary Elling

The spacious building currently has several small rooms that will eventually change completely. Principal Mr. Joseph Monachino Jr. took several students on a tour. The bottom floor includes the art and music rooms and one of the rooms on the top floor may be used for big events and student retreats.  

“The convent is supposed to be finished some time in August,” said Monachino.

The 3-floor architecture is filled with opportunity, and the students and teachers are eager to see the finished product.


“I am very excited. I think it will give the students more opportunity to expand their artistic talents. It will be nice to have a big space, and we might even have a pottery and ceramics class,” said Art teacher Mrs. Hess.

The convent has already started production, and will be worked on throughout the summer.

St. Pius has many talented singers, dancers, and artists and this acquired space will help to further their creativity.






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