St. Pius X students are wanting a new club they can join and that may be Pep Club.Pep Club is an idea centered around making Pius filled with school spirit and getting more students involved.

Posters were first hung up around the halls on January’s first seminar. Pep Club is always looking for more students to join the student section at games. Photo By: Zachary Elling

By: Victoria Haggerty; Design Editor


Students of St. Pius X recently discussed making a club that centers around more school spirit. The result has been a brand new organization called Pep Club.

Junior Grace Gengler is excited to take the head of this task force.

“The overall vision of Pep Club is students from all grades coming together to discuss new ideas of ways to promote our clubs and activities at games, through our halls, and pep assemblies,” said Gengler.


Gengler, as well as some other students who want to see more school spirit in the halls of SPX, gathered during last seminar to make posters that now decorate the hall and gym.


Senior Joey DeFabio is making colorful St. Pius X pride posters. The Pep Club meets up every seminar to discuss ways to get the school to have more school spirit. Photo By: Zachary Elling

“I want to make every kid that goes here proud that they do and raise a standard for younger classes to withhold,” said Gengler.


Juniors Josie Guadagnano and Joe Witherow both of think the idea of a pep club would be an exciting new addition to SPX.


“It’d make the games more exciting to go to,” said Guadagnano, who regular at sporting events.


“It’ll bring a lot more people to the games,” said Witherow, a member of the football, basketball, and baseball teams.


With a Pep Club, the student section at games may be an even larger presence at sporting events and will be more interactive.


“I’m mostly excited about making our school come alive again,” said Gengler.


Gengler believes a large student section will accomplish this.
“I’m excited to get our student section loud again and make Pius a school you absolutely have to attend,” Gengler said.

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