What do you know about Sophomore Brandon Bednar? Discover what this sophomore will do on Valentine’s Day as well as some of his favorite high school memories.

By: Ryan Barber, Copy Editor

Q: Did you do anything interesting during last year’s summer break?

A: Over our last summer break, I worked at Camp Savio, which is a Catholic Youth Camp. I volunteered there for three weeks, and it was a ton of fun. However, a small drawback was getting so little sleep that I had to start drinking coffee every day.



Brendan Bednar is SPX’s Sophomore of the Month. He was chosen because of his humorous personality and involvement in Pius’ activities.

Q: Do you have any funny stories from Camp Savio?

A: One day, during camp, we were hanging up signs around the area to make it look a little nicer. While we were working I was in my own little world, and I started singing a bunch of random songs that I had started remembering. After a while, other people started noticing and were looking at me like I was absolutely crazy. Then, they just started laughing, and they never let me hear the end of it during the rest of camp.

Q: What is it like to act as a turtle that is also a judge?

A: It was a unique, fun experience. Although, if I have the choice, I never want to wear a wig again. They’re really annoying and shed all over the place. While the wig was bad, the green jacket I got to wear was really cool, so that made up for it.

Q: As of now, how are you going to spend your Valentine’s Day/Single Awareness Day?

A: Has it become Single Awareness Day as well? To answer the question, I will most likely spend all night playing video games and watching Supernatural, and, to put it simply, I’ll be wasting the day away. In other words, it will obviously be a productive night.

Q: Could Mr. Bond beat Gordon Ramsay in a cooking competition? If it was anything goes, what would Mr. Bond specialize in?

A: [He asks who Gordon Ramsay is, and I explain that he is a professional chef.] Alright, Mr. Bond would obviously win because he can use his knowledge about the elements of the food to make the most amazing dishes. Then, Gordon Ramsay would demand a rematch and it would be broadcasted like the Super Bowl. As the judges would be ready to announce the winner, Mr. Jochems would show up and win the whole thing by making Pius cookies.

Q: Which class keeps you the most entertained?

A: Art, because I can pretty much draw and make whatever I imagine for a project, and if worse comes to worse, I can laugh about how my idea was actually a really bad idea. Although, sometimes the drawings end up being so bad they look scary to me.

Q: What is the most favorite thing you’ve drawn or made in Art?

A: I really like this one sketch that was a relatively random idea. It was a design made of Mario, Link, and a character from a T.V show I had watched. It wasn’t all that extraordinary, but it did look really nice, clean, and awesome in my opinion.

Q: What is your best high school memory/memories?

A: My best high school memories so far were all during the Suessical this year. I had so much fun during the whole experience, though I don’t remember too many specific experiences. I just remember laughing a lot and having a really good time. One random thing that happened in between shows was when a group of guys went to Penguin Park, and we ended up driving throughout the area and climbing all the giant animals that were there.

Q: If all the Marvel characters and all the DC characters faced off in one giant battle, who would win and why?

A: Deadpool, and in that case, Marvel. Sadly, Batman being Batman isn’t good enough for him [he said with a sad face]. Deadpool can’t really be killed, and he’s insane enough that he’s unpredictable no matter what. Batman would be fourth or fifth place though, you know, because he’s Batman and all that.

Q: Who would win in a quadratic formula sing-off between Mrs. Bonadonna and Mrs. Hipp?
A: Honestly, I have no idea. I would say Mrs. Bonadonna, but Mrs. Hipp and her might both form a band with Mr. Bonello and sing about math equations. They would probably be called the Pythagorean Theorems or some other math pun like that. Mrs. Bonadonna would be the main singer, though.


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