Even as teenagers, Americans have the right to peacefully protest when they want change. On January 22nd, SPX students exercised this right by marching for life on the streets of Washington D.C.

By: Victoria Haggerty; Design Editor


Last weekend, a group of St. Pius X students and teachers, traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the annual March for Life protest against abortion.

In 1973 the US Supreme Court made a life changing decision, literally. The iconic trial of Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the United States. However, St. Pius X students are standing against what, they believe, is an unjust law.


SPX students walking in DC sightseeing on their pilgrimage for the March for Life. Photo by: Mrs. Unger

Junior, Sarah Koster marched for life along with her peers and other pro-life advocates.

“When I was younger I had no idea what abortion was. It wasn’t until middle school I heard about it and wrote a paper on it,” Koster said.

Since then, she has become a strong supporter of being pro-life and is proud to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves. She believes the yearly event draws attention to the cause and benefits the overall purpose.

“Even though the media doesn’t cover it every year, the people who can make a difference see it,” said Koster.

Alongside her this year are sisters, Anne and Meredith Weiers, who both believe that the verdict of Roe v. Wade was unjust and should be reversed.

“People need to know that it is a really important subject to talk about. Women’s rights is not just deciding what you want to do, it’s knowing you have choices,” said freshman, Meredith Weiers.

The students are very passionate about this cause and giving the unborn a voice.

“There are so many things we pride ourselves on as a country, such as being fair, but we don’t give rights to the people who can’t speak for themselves,” said Koster.


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