Ever wonder what it is like to be a basketball team captain at SPX? Now you can have an inside look into the lives of both Seniors Sydney Routh and Matt Taylor, Athletes of the Month.

By: Savanna Ott, Copy Editor

Basketball, one of the biggest and most popular teams at St. Pius X, is currently in the middle of their seemingly everlasting season.

Sydney Routh, Senior and one of the Girl’s Varsity Basketball team captains, describes the season as going, “really, really, well.  We have a team full of talented players, and we think we can get even better.  Our team is always hungry for more.”



Athlete of the Month is Senior Matt Taylor. Taylor is the only Senior on the team. Photo by: Meghan Hayden


Athlete of the Month is Senior Sydney Routh. Routh is captain of the Varsity Girl’s Basketball team. Photo by: Meghan Hayden

The team is a group of close-knit girls who work hard and strive hard for good results. Although their practices are spent working and playing seriously, there is still room for light-hearted fun.

“We have this rule,” Routh says, “where whenever we practice a drill or scrimmage, the team who loses has to give the winning team piggy-back rides across the gym.  It’s always super funny.”

The Girl’s Basketball team is currently undefeated in regular play and hopes to take this record on to post season play.

“We want to win State, absolutely.  Our team motto is ‘hang a State banner in the gym,’” said Routh.

The Varsity Boy’s Team Captain, Senior Matthew Taylor, has a similar answer when talking about his season.  

“Well, I don’t want to jinx anything, but we’re on a wining streak.  But of course we can always get better,” said Taylor.

Taylor goes on to say, “Our goal is to at least get to Districts for sure.  We want to make it to State as well, but that might be a stretch.”

Like the girl’s team, the boy’s team is also extremely close, although they like to joke around and have a good time too.

Laughing, as he says it, Taylor describes something the team always tells one another.

“Earlier in the season, Bobby McCoy broke his nose and had to wear a mask at practice.  We made fun of him a lot, and now, whenever he misses a shot, we always tell him ‘Bobby, put the mask back on’.  It’s all in good fun though,” said Taylor.

Both girl’s and boy’s teams have upcoming home games.


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