By: Kaitlyn Pittala, Reporter

It’s the most wonderful time of year to adopt a family! Adopt a family is a stuck run event in which St. Pius gives back to the community by collecting money from every fifth hour class during the first week of December and spreading Christmas cheer to families who struggle during this Christmas season.

One of the biggest challenges many face this season is being able to provide a memorable Christmas for their family. Adopt-a-Family aims to ease the burden for the families so that everyone is able to have a nice Christmas.

Clothing and toys were purchased and brought to class on Monday, December 7th. The organization St. Pius X is teaming up with is the Bishop Sullivan Center. Photo By: Zachary Elling

“We first contact The Bishop Sullivan Center and let them know how many classrooms we have so they can give us a rough guestimate on how many families we are going to get. Each student council member has a list of responsibilities that they are in charge of and have to make sure they get done. Then we wrap up all of the presents and drop them off,” said STUCO Advisor Ms. Elaina Smith.

Adopt a Family is tradition that St. Pius holds every year. It gives a chance for the St. Pius students to get involved in making sure families get a Christmas and it also allows for STUCO to take on the role of leadership during this process.

“It gives SPX a chance to reach out to the community and displays a sense of compassion for people outside of our school. The biggest challenge we face is collecting the right amount of money because we are only students, but we try to give as much as we can,” said junior Hanna Ly.

Students donate money for adopt a family. Each fifth hour class was given one person to buy gifts for and help spread Christmas cheer. Photo By: Zachary Elling

Stuco went to buy gifts this past weekend. Some common items were toys for the little ones and lots of clothes because many of the families can’t afford the warmer clothes that they need.

“We are putting out our Catholic faith and giving to others and giving them a good Christmas because they sometimes don’t have the ability to get what they want for Christmas,” said junior Zoila Victoria.


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