By: Erin Giffin, Reporter

The perspective of Christmas through the filter of the St. Pius religion teachers can be entertaining and education for our readers.

What is your opinion on how Christmas is viewed through the pop culture?

Mrs. Unger: “I think it is undervalued, misunderstood, and commercialized. People have lost sight of its true meaning.”

Mr. Ringel: “I don’t think pop culture sees [paused, looking for a word] actually who cares what pop culture thinks? It’s superficial, it just prevails the attitudes of the current generation and Christianity has always been countercultural.”

Mr. Gardner: “Speaking on the human level, it [pop culture] is very good and giving, yet it still lacks the fullness of the understanding of Christ.”

Deacon Elsey: “I don’t like it. We’re supposed to be focusing on the Incarnation of Christ.”

Mr. Gardner helping his Teacher Assistant Zach Salinas get his task accomplished. Mr. Gardner was asked his thoughts on Christmas and believes there are many great aspects of the Christmas season in today’s culture but wants the value to remain religious. Photo By: Zachary Elling

What do you think needs to be changed about the perspective of Christmas?

Mrs. Unger: “The renewing of Christ in our hearts. People are more focused on themselves versus being focused on going to church.”

Mr. Ringel: “That it doesn’t start until Christmas day. We celebrate starting with Advent.”

Mr. Gardner: “Get rid of the, what I call, the heresy of business around Christmas time. Advent should be a time of hope and joy.”

Deacon Elsey: “Well, we need to remember that it’s a holy day and not a holiday. We need to be celebrating the fact that God became man.”

Deacon Elsey, being interviewed by junior Erin Giffin, is the senior religion teacher. The religion teachers where asked their thoughts on the Christmas season through the eyes of modern day culture. Photo By: Zachary Elling

How can people better value the religious meaning of Christmas?

Mrs. Unger: “They can be more charitable and prepare better through advent with Christ.”

Mr. Ringel: No comment

Mr. Gardner: “Slow down and contemplate the fullness of Christmas.”

Deacon Elsey: “By entering into it. Even gift giving, it’s fine, but it should be for celebrating the love God gave to us.”

What have you seen in the pop culture that you believe positively influences Christmas?

Mrs. Unger: “Hallmark movies! I actually just saw this interview with Becky from Full House and she was talking about how Hallmark movies are all family oriented and they show the magic of Christmas through our hearts.”

Mr. Ringel: “Psh, haha [stopped to hesitate] nothing really, at least there’s still a giving element [in the pop culture].”

Mr. Garnder: “A lot, mostly the spirit of giving. The joy found in self-giving.”

Deacon Elsey: “Jesus has been taken out. I haven’t really seen anything positive, I wish Jesus was mentioned more.”

Mr. Ringel is the sophomore religion teacher, football, and baseball coach at SPX. Mr. Ringel was very admit about keeping the meaning of Christmas traditional and not something that is only celebrated one day in December. Photo By: Zachary Elling

How do you personally keep Christmas religious in your home?

Mrs. Unger: “What I grew up with, and plan on transferring to my children, is receiving three gifts on Christmas because that is what Christ got.”

Mr. Ringel: “Well, just by stressing the Advent season and preparation for Christmas day. We have a manger and don’t put Christ in it until Christmas morning.”

Mr. Gardner: “Pray the Rosary, focus on keeping things simple, celebrate Advent, and just by embracing the season.”

Deacon Elsey: “Well, by prayer, Mass and understanding that the focus should be on Christ. We do gift exchanges on Christmas Eve, to keep Christmas day for church and to share a family meal.”

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