Senior Devin Huennerkopf was nominated for Student Writer for his poem, Dreams, which was recently published by Poetry Nation. Photo by: Meghan Hayden

Student Writer, Devin Huennerkopf, senior, shares his poem, Dreams that was recently published on Poetry Nation. Huennerkopf submitted his poem, last year, as an English project.


By: Devin Huennerkopf

A dream is a dream,
but to me it’s a luxurious reality,
i want to be, something the plain bee dreams,
I want to make a difference as you can see,
I dont want to make a tart place, but a magnificent paradise,
make the world good just as God would,
clean brisk, but not a simple toothpick,
when i grow old, hope the world not so bold,
don’t let the world decide,
do they get the fruitful prize?,
be the prize, make everything unite,
yell what you want to be, don’t be ruled by the queen bee,
don’t let your dreams shatter,
serve them on a platter

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