By: Katie Pileggi, Reporter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Finals! NOT! Although final exams are right around the corner and students are looking over those last few study guides, here some tips and tricks to get through it all. We may not have the answers to the tests, but we can at least make the studying a little more bearable.

# 1 – Study

“I look over my notes, rewrite them all, then highlight the important stuff, or the things I know for sure I have to know,” said senior Sydney Garcia.

“First of all, I have to have my phone away from me. Then, I study for about an hour or so, and then take a break. After the break, back to studying,” said senior David Ringel.  

# 2 – Take breaks to adjust your attitude

Taking breaks is a very important thing to do when studying. You don’t want to overwork your brain, so give it a break for just a second while studying. Just remember that your breaks must be short and sweet and know that all of this studying will definitely benefit you in the long run.

Students are studying very hard for finals. Senior Sophia Cobos is typing away at the computer to get all of her work together and complete her study guides. Photo By: Zachary Elling

“[when I study I] think about why I need good grades, and when I think of it like that, it comes down to my future,” said junior Caroline Ramsey. 

“I know that the grades I get determine my future. Not only scholarships, but what college I even get into as well,” said Ringel.

# 3 – Get some help

Study with a group. Forming a study group benefits you and the people you are helping. When you work with others, you can get a new perspective on a subject. Most of the time, hearing the material being explained by your peer is more understandable than coming from your teacher. Also, when you explain a topic to someone else, you are helping yourself more than you know. You are repeating the material, thus learning it too.

# 4 – Make sure your environment is right

Another thing that goes into studying is the environment. Ringel, Ramsey, and Garcia all explained their ideal studying spaces.

“[my ideal space would be] in my room with the door closed, no music, nice and quiet away from everyone else,” said Ringel. 

Everyone has their own unique study habitat. This is a tricky subject because you have to figure this out on your own.

“I like to study at my kitchen table. There is the perfect amount of noise – not too loud as to where I cannot focus, and not too quiet. Or else I would fall asleep,” said Ramsey.

Of course, another route you could take is the Garcia way.

Caroline Ramsey is a Junior and is a talented singer at St. Pius X. Ramsey is very nervous for Mr. Stucki’s Chemistry final. Being in a quite comfortable environment is a great way to study. Photo By: Zachary Elling

“[my ideal study place is] laying in my bed with the TV on, and my notes are on the far bottom corner of my bed,” laughs Garcia.

# 5 – Chew Gum

This one is a life hack found on Pinterest. Pinterest says if you chew a flavor of gum you usually chew while studying, then chew that same flavor during the test, your brain will put two-and-two together and that will help you remember the information you gathered while studying.

# 6 – Make a list

Another Pinterest suggestion is making lists. It is as simple as that. When you have taken the time to write out everything you have to do and make a list, there is (almost) no way you can avoid it.

Yes, finals are a very important and rather stressful time, but hopefully these tips and tricks help you out, and you can think to yourself that eventually, it all has to come to an end.

“[After finals I am looking forward to] having a Christmas sleepover with all of my friends, in Christmas attire of course,” said Garcia.



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