By: Erin Giffin, Reporter

Interview with Ms. Smith (STUCO Advisor)

Ms. Smith is the Sophomore English teacher and Student Council Adviser at St. Pius X High School. Smith has made it available to buy candy grams at lunch. Photo By: Zachary Elling

When can the candy grams be purchased?

“They will be Monday through Monday. December 7th through the 14th and delivered on the 15th. They will be sold at lunch from one of your Stuco representatives.”

How much will they be?


What will the money be going to?

“Fundraiser for STUCO, probably towards the Christmas mixer.”

What are some of the best candy grams you have seen?

“Oh, I don’t read them.”

Who do you plan on giving candy grams to this year?

“I don’t give them, I just get them.”

Anything you’d like to add?

“I’m just super excited that we can spread Christmas cheer with candy grams!”


Interview with students

Joey Lynch and Rocco Monachino are sophomores at St. Pius X High School. They both are excited for the candy grams being passed around school and are ready to buy them at lunch for $1.00. Photo By: Erin Giffin

What do you think of candy grams?

Sophomore Joey Lynch: “They’re tasty”

Sophomore Rocco Monachino: “I think they warm your heart.”

Senior Clare McKellar: “I enjoy them, I think they’re a good way to make a friend’s day.”


Who will you be buying candy grams for this year?

Lynch: “Gabby Fatino because she got me one last year, maybe my dad so that he’ll love me, and also Rocco.

Monachino: “Joey Lynch”

McKeller: “Probably only Erin Giffin and Zach Elling.” (smiles towards the interviewer and photographer.)

What is your favorite part about candy grams?

Lynch: “They make me feel good on the inside.”

Monachino: “Um, giving them.”

McKeller: “Making someone’s day with a delicious peppermint cane.”

Any candygram experience you’d like to talk about?

Clare McKellar is a senior at St. Pius X High School. Clare is excited to buy candy grams for her friends at lunch. Each candy gram comes with a candy cane. Photo By: Zachary Elling

McKeller: “My freshman year my friends decided to play a prank on me with candy grams. They sent me an anonymous candy gram with a very long note confessing their love for me. It said to meet them in the cafeteria after school and so my friends shoved me there and I saw a senior boy waiting with his leg propped on a table with a huge grin. My friends were laughing so hard they fell to the ground and I RAN to the bathroom all the way on the other side of school.”

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